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Gaia by Davide Bonaiti

Photographer: Davide BonaitiHair: Forlini&MartinezMake-Up: Guendalina GiraudiModel: Gaia MesserklingerPh. Assistant: Greta Bertino

Fly High by Dominika Jeziorska

Photographer: Dominika Jeziorska Model: Nikola Pikulska / SPP Models Make-up: Dominika Kroczak Clothing: HAND MADE BY Designer

Walkabout by Benjamin Askinas

Photographer: Benjamin Askinas Photo Assistant: Kyle Beiermeister Stylist: Amy Kiechle Make-up & Hair: Amy Hanlin Model: Oxana Zubko via Vision LA

A Few Photos, A Few Words by Jose Gallina

“I laugh at myself because I’m such a typical man-child; I just dig pretty girls in the sun, and fast machines…” I get really into the things I am interested by. I study them and search deeply into what they are all about. I guess I’m kind of always trying to get to the ‘bottom of things’. […]