Patti Smith’s “Just Kids” Soon to be TV Series

By  •  2 weeks ago

““The light poured through the windows upon his photographs and the poem of us sitting together a last time. Robert dying: creating silence. Myself, destined to live, listening closely …
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Photographer Cameron McCool Releases New Prints

By  •  2 months ago

On photography, William S Burroughs once said, “there is in fact something obscene and sinister about photography, a desire to imprison, to incorporate, a sexual intensity of pursuit.” One can …
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Through Whose Crew, The Relaunch

By  •  3 months ago

Photographer Julian Schratter has re-launched his disposable camera based website Through Whose Crew. Featuring a curated gallery of film photography directly from disposable cameras (available for sale on the website), …
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I Like It Like This: S|2 x Drake

By  •  4 months ago

I Like It Like This, a collaboration between Sotheby’s S|2 and musician Drake focuses on contemporary black American artists and their reciprocal influences of music and art. Featuring work from Nick …
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Trailer: DOPE

By  •  4 months ago

DOPE, a comedy-drama directed by Rick Famuyiwa features a teenager by the name of Malcom who is stuck between living amongst gangs in his neighborhood and his dream of attending Harvard.

Produced …
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